HONNE @ Village Underground (08/05/2018)

Truth be told, I was going to accidentally post this gig OUT of chronological order.

Silly lil me…How could I possibly forget the band that amplifies my yearning for a wife?

Let me show in Exhibit A:

Soothing gentle vocals and beats that slows your heart rate to the point you never knew was possible. Their songs are cozy and warm. Empathising the beauty of love and women. Temporary quelling that voice inside that screams “Love is dead!

Being the second gig in the midst of exam period. My love for them was overwhelming ANY sense of academic urgency. (Never do what I do, kids!)

Definitely, worth it!


Unfortunately, none of my friends were willing to put their grades on the line for the sake of music. However, my music soul mate that I met three days prior excitedly jumped at the opportunity. It was my delayed birthday present for her. (Ain’t I sweet?)

Each and every song got me feeling in a certain way. Like I want to get married at this very moment kinda way. I was swaying, closing my eyes, breathing in deeply, taking in every single note, lyric and emotion.

Especially, their song Woman rendered me breathless.

Further deepening my love for women. (I am typing this up in the midst of Pride Month)

Each note being reminiscent of a soft gentle stroke from lover in a comforting embrace. I fell in love with love once again…

2018-05-09 001 069.JPG

They slipped in a few snippets of their new album LOVE ME/LOVE ME NOT which is dropping on 24 August 2018. The same day as the London gig on their album tour. Showing love to their hometown as they joined forces back in 2014 in East London. Bow to be exact – just down the road from my uni.

Make me feel just that much closer to London rising talent. Proud to see the success they have been garnering as well as collabing with Tom Misch on Me & You.

The funky Tom vibes were abundantly present in this song. Two of my favourite London talents coming together… made my legs jelly.

This experience all took place in Village Underground, one of my favourite gig venues in Shoreditch, having seeing Mabel there last year. An intimate space with everyone showing a mutual respect for the music and others – all swaying along with the tides of love emitting from the stage.

Their female vocal helped deliver Someone That Loves You swimmingly.

2018-05-09 001 077.JPG

Let’s not forget the wonderful Lilly Moore putting her vocals on display to open up the night. Rendering me speechless after several moments. She’s definitely on my to-watch list.

2018-05-09 001 064

Let’s just say… HONNE has taken my hopeless romantic notions to a higher level.

Be it for better or for worse.

Until Next Time,
Salve Salvaña

I just realised I didn’t write up about Mabel’s gig in Heaven from last year…
Look at that subtle name change

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