PREP @ Oslo Hackney (05/05/2018)

Does this group sound familiar? Well… they were the special opening guests on DEAN’s gig on during this catch-up journey.

I vibed with Cheapest Flight when I bumped into it but didn’t really listen to more until I had a proper introduction when they performed their chill refreshing tunes live. Let’s just say I was addicted to them for a good month.

I had Sunburnt Through the Glass as a key revision song during this exam season.

I was pretty torn whether to see them or not. I really shouldn’t be enjoying myself when I’m supposed to banging out papers. It was not until three hours before the show where I decided to get back out of my house to Hackney to a buy a ticket on-the-door.

2018-05-09 001 004.JPG

I was mainly inspired by the stunning Yossy, my regret not attending concerts gone by and I discussed my music soul mate in Grey. She was alone and the second person in queue, found out that she also went solo and we just gushed over our mutual love of certain artists.

The initial discomfort and laziness disappeared. It was definitely worth it.

Nate Williams was amazing funky style his fingers flew across the keys effortlessly. Little known fact is that he has mentored Ed Sheeran and is good friends with Carmody. It just shows how interconnected the British music industry is.

2018-05-09 001 008.JPG

After the wonderful display of talent by Nate, PREP was soon on the stage entering in a calm and mellow way just like their music. The sang the majority of their songs from their EP Futures and their latest one Cold Fire.

2018-05-09 001 020.JPG

Due to time constraints they were not able to sing the song Futures…

It was an outstanding and refreshing performance no less and a marks the day I met a music kindred spirit.

~I loved you like you’ll never know~
~Where do all those futures go?~

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