After an insightful day of freebies and panels. The doors of the House Of Vans closed its briefly to prepare for the Night session of the ASOS showcase by highlighting the up-and-coming young artists:


Tiana Major9 was the first act and instantly joined my list of girl crushes as soon as she smiled. Her voice was soothing the crowd while sprinkling some dancing flare – resulting to real vibing atmosphere.

2018-04-14 001 101.JPG


BBZ London and Sian Anderson were popping on some popping beats in between each act. Ensuring the crowd was still in the dancing mood.

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Novelist was unable to come and was replaced by the energetic House Of Pharaohs. They were somewhat too energetic while being visibly intoxicated bring bottles of Hennessy and Ciroc.

They brought a LOT of trap edge and audience participation. Half of them literally jumped in the crowd and started a mosh pit. It was MAD.

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Fun for some people and obnoxious for others. Especially due to them hurting some people who did not expect the sudden shift in atmosphere. Accidentally kicking my camera as they leaped the barrier. Jumping on speakers and bouncing around, they literally threw their music at you.

The headliner NOT3S finally stepped on stage and restored the chill hiphop vibe delivered with his charming smile that smitten half of the ladies in the house. NOT3S have been on a roll for the past few months pumping out tune after tune. All the major ones of which he happily performed on stage along lil fan of his.

2018-04-14 001 251.JPG

It was a great night to wrap up Make It Yourself even when I was fearing for my life on the edge of an unexpected moshpit….

Cameras were partially harmed in the making of this post…

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