DEAN @ Islington Assembly Hall (18/03/2018)

Truth be told, I did attend the Snakehips club gig three days prior to this. However, I’m not going post it as it was fun night but I had an uncontrollable eye-roll reflex to the flashing lights. It was just a really good DJ night with nothing else to it.

Moving on, I was caught by surprise when DEAN’s London gig announcement on his insta. I wouldn’t have known if my concert network didn’t notify me. Perks of befriending people at concert.

You better know that I was onto these tickets like a panther.

I had heart palpitations and my fingers tingled as I bought the cheapest ticket option. They sold out in a couple of minutes.


The problem in buying tickets is that the unexpected may happen and there are bound to be plan clashes. Luckily, another concert comrade was readily waiting for us holding our position.

It was the first time I’ve been to Islington Assembly Hall, I was pleasantly surprised to see a pretty Grade II listed live music venue.

Photo: sebras2

The surprise opening guest was the refreshing electronic funk band PREP, which I realised I have actually listened to before on during a soundcloud journey and stumbled on Cheapest Flight.

The rest of the THEY.VVILL.KNOW squad proceeded to jump on for their respective sets and delivered their own flavour and sound whilst further increasing the DEAN hype.


He opened up with his newly released Instagram. 

After a the initial excited screams the crowd faded was silenced by DEAN’s equally hypnotising vocals as the visuals of the thought-provoking music video and lyrics.

DEAN and his crew did not fail to please the crowd. It was just as enjoyable as seeing him the first time.

~I know tomorrow is coming~
~But I can’t let go of my phone~


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