Matilda The Musical

It was that time of year to pamper and treat my mother with the redeeming amount of attention for being in university for excessive amount of hours.

What a better way to celebrate than treating her to the the stage adaptation of one of her movies?

The wondrous and empowering novel Matilda by the legendary Roald Daul.  It was then taken to the big screen by Danny DiVito in 1996


It was adapted for the stage by Dennis Kelly, with music and lyrics by Tim Minchin. It’s original run started in 2009 at Startford-upon-Avon ending the on 30 January 2011. Then received its West End debut towards the end of that year.

2018-04-24 001 1882

It takes residence at Cambridge Theatre, the former home of Chicago, facing the Seven Dials in Covent Garden.

The stage design is one of the best I’ve seen – decorated with letter tiles and childish scribbles along the walls. Creative use of the actual flooring that elevated to become props and tables for certain scenes greatly impressed my engineering mind.

2018-04-24 001 1897.JPG

The choreography and energy was nothing less than enjoyable and energetic. The song that particularly blew my socks off was the School Song. Elaborate steps along with the clever use of lighting, a gate and a couple of letter blocks were just well executed.


I never knew the alphabet could be represented in such a lyrically and kinetic way.

It done an excellent job capturing the characteristic charm of both the movie and novel that captivated our younger selves’ imagination whilst forging its own identity. It was an adaptation done right.

I did not expect myself to enjoy this musical so much. I knew it was gonna be a joy ride but it was actually given that much needed spark of youthful curiosity and joy. Something that we lose slowly as we grow up.

Go feed your inner child and get your tickets HERE.


You won’t regret it.

~I am still basically a big kid~
I’m a pretty short big kid…

7 thoughts on “Matilda The Musical

      1. I didn’t realise you lived in the US as soon as I saw Stonehenge on your page I assumed you live in the UK…

        Hope a Matilda tour show stopsover in a theatre near you!


      2. I been to Stonehenge. My mom sings in the church choir: Three years ago, the choir was in residence at Bristol Cathedral. A pilgrimage was built around that. We been to 3 castles, Bath, Tintern Abbey, Old Sarum, and Stonehenge plus others.

        Due to this pilgrimage starting in London, my family went up two days early. That was when my mom and I saw Les Mis in the West End. Seeing Les Mis in London was a dream come true


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