H.E.R @ KOKO (09/03/2018)

After seeing Daniel Caesar in February then seeing H.E.R the following month in the SAME venue. It felt a little too unreal, unfortunately, they didn’t perform together but you could just imagine it would had be an emotional night regardless.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-25 at 09.26

H.E.R is one of those artist I fell in love with in the beginning of 2017 during a YouTube journey. I heard the first few beats of U – I was smitten.

I proceeded to play her debut EP H.E.R. Volume 1 on repeat for a good month.

Though, her identity is anonymous, her style is distinguishable and reminiscent of mellow 90s RnB. Her voice both soothing and sensitive, expressing the nuances of emotions involved in a failing relationship.

Apple Music has perfectly described her music as “downcast post-breakup material that sounded vulnerable and assured at once.” by Apple Music.

While researching about H.E.R, I just found out that it is an acronym for “Having Everything Revealed”. I find it admirable that she wants all the focus to be on her music and not on herself.


It was abundantly clear while she was performing. She put in 100% into each sound and seamless harmonised with her backing vocalists.

She even bought out a cake to celebrate one of the member’s birthday. It was super sweet.


She sang songs from EPs Vol 1 and Vol 2 interchangeable with the lighting changing between blue and yellow relating to their cover colours.

She ended with Best Part with the birthday boy as the Daniel Caesar’s substitute.

Let’s not forget the outstanding supporting sets from the energetic and sexy Tiara Thomas and Moss Kena who could flawlessly transition from singing the high notes to rapping.

It was a night of sweet company, music and love.

Ending with the Best Part (laughs at own joke).

Is semi-single a thing?
If it is then I’m certainly that…

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