Jay Park, Hoody, Sik-K & DJ Wegun @ Troxy (04/02/2018)

We’re obviously doing a bit of time hopping…

Either way, let’s hop back to February just three days after seeing Tom Misch in basically touching distance. I’m off to see KPop sensation Jay Park, it would definitely be far from the chilled vibe in Jazz Cafe.

First of all, I regularly queue up two or three hours before doors open, however, queuing for this gig officially started at 10AM. Guess who was there for 9:45AM? Yes, my brother and I were there from 9:45AM until we were finally herded in around 7PM. That’s roughly ten hours in the London winter. My immune system was too particularly happy about such a feat but at least I could beat all the hassle of wrestling clusters of hardcore fans to even get a decent view. In the process, we befriended a new circle of well-connected and informed KPop fans who notifies us of the next major gig. The glorious power of card games level up your social power by 100%.

I was the only slipping…

It is amazing to form friends in this situation as you can have turns in running errands and from the blistering cold. It also immensely helps in passing the time.

Queuing was the first hurdle. The next was the panicked scramble for a decent spot for a squad of eight girls and my brother.

Let’s just say that Cult Of Ya done a okay job in the organisation end of the gig but with plenty of hiccups:

  1. Ticket prices were average for a KPop gig but resale prices were extortionate. (Out of their control but is unfair)
  2. The lighting systems were in front of the regular standing section. (Trying to imitate the layout other concert venues)
  3. The barriers collapsed due to the strength of youthful energy. (They really should had stronger barriers)
  4. A tiered tickets system is understandable until people get ‘upgraded’ for free. (To those who were queuing for half the time as us but it was due to safety concerns)
  5. They should had hired a venue that could handle the relentless wave of KPop fans.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 07.57.24.png

Most of these were possibly out their control but they should have really considered a tried and tested Camden venue such as KOKO that has a built in light system on the balcony level. It is understandable that they wanted to squeeze out every last of us consumers. Troxy had a bigger capacity than KOKO, only has one balcony level and was easier to section off.

I personally had an amazing time with great company and banging music. We were lined up across the back barriers of the lighting with the taller members behind and securing the position.  Even though I had my view obscured by the occassional security and staff, I still had plenty of space to vibe and dance – a freedom that many people in the standing section did not have.

2018-02-16 001 027.JPG

DJ Wegun was spinning some bangers but was over-shadowed by the outstanding performances of Hoody and SIK-K that soon followed. Hoody is my second KPop girl crush behind Heize and SIK-K just knew how to get the party started.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The main attraction stepped onto the stage and the crowd lost their minds. Boy! Jay Park does know how to entertain and sang all his major hits.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 07.55.36.png

At the climax he got everybody wet… with his shirtless body and water bottle. 2018-02-16 001 034.JPG

It was one hell of a day & night that ended with a post-concert drink up. Tis was great.

~All I wanna do is kick it with you~
KPop fans are one of the scariest fanbases I’ve ever encountered…


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