SCIENCE MUSEUM – POWER UP 2018 (30/03/2018 – 15/04/2018)

The Easter holidays are here and so is Science Museum‘s Power UP!

Gaming past, present and future all in one room – all ready at your disposal.


Rows upon rows of basically every console possible with a diverse array of genres from fighter to racer games – there’s plenty of fun for everyone.


This also marks the third year in gracing the Science Museum’s First Floor. I’ve covered its launch and it’s return last year during the October half term.

It’s layout is basically identical to last year’s but with a row of PCs previously dedicated to Minecraft now running Fornite Battle Royale. No doubt this section would be particularly popular as Battle Royale fever is still going strong.


There are also workshops running for any budding game designers and evening sessions for kidults to play without the kids around.


Games, games and more games. What is there not to like?


Oh and I forgot to mention…FOOD!


Go and grab your tickets HERE!

~I was too busy playing~
Well… there goes the chronological order

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