AMP Sounds: Denzel Himself, ISLAND & Tom Misch @ Jazz Cafe (01/02/2018)

Well… January was pretty much uneventful then February came round then BOOM my calendar blows up again.

Never a bad thing but occasionally overwhelming.

But what a better way to start the year of with one of my favourite artist and in one of the most intimate venues in London, Jazz Cafe.



I was uber duper happy, getting overly excited and queuing up three hours in advance in the blistering winter. My companion and I were totally oblivious when Tom and his friends passed us by… There goes our chance to have a small conversation.

Oh well, we were right bang in the middle of the stage just a few centimetres from all of those preforming.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-06 at 09.23.jpeg
I mean come on I could have touched their pedals…

This one of the many Annie Mac’s AMP Sounds residences:


A pretty sexy collection of artists from a range of genres. I love the diversity – definitely my cup of tea (even though I don’t drink tea).

Unfortunately, the excellent upcoming Tom Tripp was too ill to preform and Denzel Himself was a last-minute-call-in who stepped up.


He comes off as a well mannered Londoner then switches to a harden rocky persona when he starts spitting bars. The dichotomy between his two personas were surprising and funny. It made him a little more endearing.

He even brought his edgier little sister to perform on stage.


He ended his set with a bang. He literally dropped the mic in the middle of the audience after making a makeshift solo moshpit.

The next act the more mellow band, ISLAND. It was a much needed dose of British indie sound that I haven’t heard in ages.

It got the crowd back to relaxed mood after the fun frenzy that occurred minutes prior. Their guitars and vocals resonated with the crowd as I felt goosebumps rise from their expansive melodies.


It particularly peaked my friend’s interest who wants to see them again.

After a few minutes of chatter amongst the crowd, they stopped and cheered as Tom Misch and the gang got on stage.

2018-02-16 001 056.JPG
We managed to snap the setlist before they started.

It were exclusively “Misch” hits. When I say “Misch” I mean the talented trio of Tom, Laura and Polly. Their sibling chemistry was so cute and felt through the music they played.

Laura and her saxiness returns with the soothing Follow. This is then followed by the vocal performance of Polly the actress in Movie.


Of course, Tom had plenty of solo hits that didn’t fail to get us bopping with South Of The River and Watch Me Dance.

2018-02-16 001 055.JPG

Let’s just get it out there.

I LOVE talented people and dang these lot were all damn talented and cute. (I fall in love too easily…)

I’ll see you all again.

It was nice to eat some nice lebanese…
Then bumping into the bassist Rudi on the bus home

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