ONE OK ROCK – AMBITIONS TOUR @ O2 Sheperd’s Bush (13/12/2017)

Here’s finally the last gig I attended in 2017. Why isn’t one of my favourite rock bands? ONE OK ROCK!

After not having a gig in London the year prior, my brother and I were certainly missing our annual taste of JRock.

Unfortunately, the UK was going through a chill spell causing the Glasgow gig to be cancelled due to heavy snow, much to the dismay of their northerner fans.

My heart goes to you all.

Of course, you would expect us at the front, this comes from a mixture of queuing up early and learning how to surf the wave when the crowd starts jumping. Be swept along or left behind. Survival of the fittest.

2017-12-16 001 026.JPG
Crown The Empire was a pretty good supporting act.

Their set was a mixture of their AMBITIONS album and their older hits, such as Might Long Fall, that always stirs the fans into a frenzy (myself included).

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 04.46.44

It obviously a heart-pumping adrenaline filled experience with another energetic performance from Taka and the gang.

2017-12-16 001 136.JPG

However, it felt a bit off… There was a moment of silence whilst the band was taking in the sight of the crowd that went on a bit longer than necessary. Causing us to look at each other with puzzled expressions.

Needless to say, we enjoyed it either way. But as we were leaving we left a little nagging of something more… maybe Deeper Deeper as second encore would have been great.

2017-12-16 001 141.JPG

Though this is my least favourite ONE OK ROCK concert by far. This is not a necessarily a bad thing as on every list there is always something at the bottom.

I felt like they might have lost a little bit of edge.

2017-12-16 001 105.JPG
I was pretty damn close XD

I still love you, ONE OK ROCK!

The onset of a cold is coming… I can feel it
*Storm Emma is coming*

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