blackbear @ O2 Sheperd’s Bush Empire (06/12/2017)

From seeing one artist who killed off their stage name to another who completely owns theirs the next night. It was very much a coincidence that Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker and blackbear to be performing one after another.

2017-12-09 001 639.JPG

Matthew Tyler Musto, most commonly known as blackbear, is personally one of my favourite RnB artists. His butterly smooth voice is oddly complementary to his more gritty pieces such as Do Re Mi expressing the bitterness that can arise from toxic relationship. Most of his music actually tackle nearly every aspect of love from being absolutely whipped in 4U to the overwhelming anxiety (ft. FRND) that comes with not being with your partner.

Many people may have just discovered blackbear but he has actually been in the music industry for a while, now. He co-wrote Justin Bieber‘s “Boyfriend” and worked with the likes of Childish Gambino, Pharrell Williams and Linkin Park. In 2014, he became one of the first independent artists to monetise streaming on SoundCloud.

Even you’re single or not – blackbear would allow have something for your love-related emotions no matter the occasion. It’s chilling just how relatable some of his songs are… *gets bad flashbacks*


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blackbear had to be one of most energetically and emotionally charged concerts I’ve been to. Everyone being touched but the emotions conveyed in each lyric with the occasional “we have great s**” songs. Jumping, dancing, screaming, singing – we were doing it all.


Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 08.22.30.png
I really hope this was the setlist…


It was vividly clear that he was feeling it too. After breaking up with his girlfriend, Bella Thorne, who then started dating YouTuber, Tana Mongeau, so after. He was still feeling the emotional fallout.

The only thing that taken away the experience was that it was a 16+ event. Oh boy, I sure love children but hate kids. What I mean by kids are teens that seem overly entitled and believe they own the place. Before the concert started there were these bunch of boys on the balcony attempting to get girls numbers below them.

Other than that I was overwhelming satisfied…

2017-12-09 001 576

I mean look how close I got!

2017-12-09 001 594.JPG

Truth be told, one of the major reasons for my hiatus was my every own emotional turmoil.

Thanks to the talented blackbear for conveying all the distress in lyrical form.

Should I change my pseudonym?
I really like AwkwardTurtle…(idea scrapped)

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