Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker @ Troxy (05/12/2017)

Everyone should have remembered Chet Faker, right?

Popularly known for his collabs with the trippy beat-maker Flume racking up over 117 million views on YouTube.

What’s happened to Chet? Well… He’s ditched his stage name and diving in and out of electronica working on mainly instrumental pieces. He was showcasing his latest EP called Missing Link just recently releasing this very highly artistic music video.

This shift in style was intricately woven with his Chet Fakerish pieces, the transitions between each song was an electronic bombardment of the senses. Leaving a crowd breathless with amazement and confusion until he sings another soulful-downtempo piece that gets everybody bopping.

This is also my first time in Troxy, another beautifully built Art Deco venue which just happened to be a twenty minute walk from my university.

2017-12-09 001 408

His supporting act was Heathered Pearls a electronic dance artist that is similar to Nick’s new style, minimise vocals and intensify the sound.

As the first act finishes their set, the waiting commences once again until the all too familiar bass of Gold played leading to the excited cheers of the crowd.

The night was a roller-coaster ride of genres, switching up from pure electronica, soul and funk unexpectedly. Nick’s range was just extremely outstanding and had an amazing stage presence. His energy and soulful vocals amazed us all.


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He sang his other Chet Faker hits such as No Diggity and Talk Is Cheap. The only hit he did not sing was Drop The Game and I think it’s the step he taken to slowly dissociate from the Chet Faker and own up his every own name.

His name is Murphy. Nick Murphy.

*His full name is actually Nicholas James Murphy*

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