MURA MASA @ O2 Brixton Academy (19/10/2017)

From releasing his first bedroom produced SoundCloud EP to collaborating in some of the biggest names in music. There is no doubt that the talented MURA MASA had some luck to help him get get to this point.

This is my first time going to his headline show but the first time I saw him was for FREE!!

Though I wasn’t the earliest MURA MASA fan, I fell in love with his unique sound after listening to Miss You, Lotus Eater…Girl from his debut mixtape Soundtrack to a Death. This is from yet another magical Majestic Casual YouTube Journey back in 2014.

This was before he slightly blew up after his collaboration with yet another rising star, NAO, with Firefly. (Who I can’t wait to see in Field Day this summer)

He didn’t get too much mainstream recognition until he released Love$ick with A$AP Rocky, which in actuality was orginally an istrustmental piece called Lovesick on his Someday Somewhere EP.

Despite living a 20 minute walk or a 7 minute bus ride from O2 Brixton Academy, this was the first gig I’ve been to in this venue. My first could have been Linkin Park back in July but I had no funds at the time. It was even more devastating to discover that Chester would be dead a few months afterwards. I’m still deeply upset over it. (May he rest in peace.)

2017-10-19 002 006.JPG

I was feeling pretty down knowing that fact whilst I waited in line with friend to get in. But once the music started the sorrows were washed away as the beats resonated with my heart.

Keep in mind, I am typing this out in retrospect four months after the show. The supporting acts were a couple decent DJs but not overly memorable.

After all this was MURA MASA first major gig after the launch of his self-title album (not counting the Peckham Pop Up I missed out on).

MURA MASA peckham.png

MURA MASA came on stage with the banger Messy Love along with a suspicious scent of weed coming from backstage (not judging at all). The music along with his multi-instrument platform, lights, mirrors and smoke all mesmerised the crowd for a second before erupting in applause. Bonzai then jumped on the stage with Nuggets and got us all moving.

2017-10-19 002 080

Bonzai and another female artist filled in for songs sang by bigger stars. They certainly did an amazing job and kept adding fuel to the energic fire.

2017-10-19 002 099.JPG

Tom Tripp bounced on stage for Helpline. He made me smile and happy. A young talent working another young talent. I love whoever collaborates with MURA MASA.

Oh, look! It’s Jay Prince! Low is such an addictive, dark and serious track. NAO also joins in the party and ending the night off with Firefly. I was rendered momentarily breathless and my legs melted a little from the sheer love I have for this song.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love them all. What else can I say?

Unluckly, the photos are as fuzzy as my memory but my phone getting an upgrade in August (good thing for all us).

Even four months later, I can still vividly remember just how much of a crazy night it was. The mysterious female singer jumped the barrier into the crowd and started grinding a girl in front of her boyfriend (the footage I have is just a blur).

Nothing better than having a fun time with great music and eating in Morley’s afterwards.

Morley’s? It’s a South London ting


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