BBC Music Introducing… Amplify’ 17  (06/10/2017 – 08/10/2017)

October has been a pretty lively month. I attended a music event each week. This one being the first.

BBC Music Introducing… Amplify’ 17  promised to be a must-attend event for those wanting to break into the music industry, exploring all aspects from writing to managing. Providing masterclasses, advice and talks from U.K.’s music experts.


Amplify has been developed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BBC Music Introducing and took place at London’s Excel centre from the 6 – 8 October.

My good friend, Tee Peters, was invited by SoundCloud one of the many sponsors of this event. He extended the invitation towards me and just three days before the event I booked my tickets for Saturday.

I did not know what to expect, I just knew it was all about the music industry and so I left my house with my camera in hand ready for the day.


As we approached Excel centre we were confused by the large amount of people present as we walked through the entrance. Little did we know there was also The Cake and Bake Show going on in another section on the same day.


Before could be enticed by cake, we ventured forward to our destination.

There was live music emitted  from various areas around the exhibition. There were three stages: Electronic, Rock and Pop. All providing up-and-coming artists/bands in their respectable genres.

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The hall was lined with informative booths about various services offered to artist and interactive sets and pieces to add to your recording studio. There was also a feedback corner where an established member of the music industry could listen to a sample of your music and provide an expert opinion.

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If you are remotely interested in getting involved in the music industry or just want to learn more about it, this is one of the best events you could sign up for.



The atmosphere was relaxed with booths offering plenty of freebies including a pint of beer. Nothing better than talking to people with a mutual love for music.

~Please Don’t Stop The Music~

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