Khalid @ The Dome (28/09/2017)

It’s a Monday morning and instead of being in the lecture, I am currently sitting in my bedroom making this post.

Don’t worry. I’ll explain later.

In all honesty, I have only heard of Khalid’s popular Location a few days prior to this gig. The day before I go on a music spree listening to nearly every single songs of his.

Though I did not become too much of a big fan, I really appreciated his calm vocals and young talent.

This was actually a ticket exchange between me and a friend. I gave her Mabel tickets and she gave me Khalid tickets.

2017-09-29 001 180.PNG

As long as you have good company and good music, you’re bound to have a great time. This was certainly one of those.

Surprisingly, he was the only act on that night therefore a lot of waiting and Khalid stage time ensued. The Dome has been no doubt one of the most intimate venues I have ever been to. It was more of a small-ish square room filled with people with a bar on the side and merch table at the back. (I really need to upgrade my phone…)

After roughly four hours of waiting, two hours outside and two hours inside. I missed out on the outdoor two hour wait as I had to queue jump to my friends who were there before me as I ran from uni. Seemed like rude move but I had training that I just couldn’t miss. Fortunately, the people behind us didn’t start a fight.

He started off with his collab with Marshmello…

The chillax vibe was present throughout the whole gig with a good friend buying the squad a round of tequila.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And ended with…

Of course, he also sang his other beloved songs such as Coaster, Let’s Go, American Teen and Saved. The band also had a moment in the spotlight with one of sexiest collection of instrustment solos.

It was certainly a fun night with Khalid singing and dancing his heart out that made me love my friends even more.

~Send me your location~
Oh, I forgot to mention…I have a picture with him

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