In Memory of Dean Eastmond

Truth be told, I found it really hard to write this particular article.

Though I did not know Dean personally this particular message from his partner moved me:

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 19.28.40.png

A few hours prior I was surprised by a DICE notification of a Years & Years Intimate gig. I was extremely confused and intrigued on what the reason may be. Nonetheless, I went back to school work.

During a social media break, I encountered the message above and pieced together why this gig occurred. Adam summoned the strength to post this bittersweet message on my University’s LGBT+ Society Page.

His friends and family would have more things to say about him than I do and they done just that and in front of PRIDE.

I wanted to help any which way I could by sharing his story to more people. As well as show support to Adam and his loved ones not as being a fellow Queen Mary student but as a member of the LGBTQ+ Family.

His cancer journey is documented on HISKIND and I leave this space for Dean to express himself:

He was certainly an inspirational person that has touched many hearts and used his words to challenge the injustices that are still present.

He fought for the right preserve sperm samples from same-sex couples has now been moved in line with the process for heterosexuals.

2017-09-20 001 331.JPG

The 20th September was definitely Dean’s night.

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We came out in force.

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The amount of glitter, pride and love flooded the venue.

2017-09-20 001 1032.JPG

It was fabulous.

Dear Dean,

I hope you were happy watching us having a gay time celebrating your life and achievements. Even your favourite band Years & Years came out to play for you.

Though you were taken at the young age of 21 – you already left behind a deeply impactful legacy and change that will encourage others to fight for their rights.

Thanks for being an inspiration and may strength be with your friends and family.
You will be truly missed.

Lots Of Rainbow Love,
Salve Salvana

Special thanks to Adam as well as his best friend, Josh, for granting me the honour of being a part of this emotional event.

Check his magazine HISKIND!


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