Music Matters Presents: MAAD, Sam Wills & RAYE (06/09/2017)

I have an hour and 1/2 until I need to leave the house for my 12 AM lecture. I thought it would have been a wonderful idea to start writing this post just now.

Adventure three out of three, my companion and I spontaneously decided to go to a gig and booked the tickets while having our Korean lunch.

This was surprisingly held in Selfridge’s ultra lounge at their Oxford Street store.EVENTIMAGE_ULTRALOUNGE

It was part of their campaign, music matters for their support for London’s gradually decreasing live music scene. Partnered with TEM a London based collective of audiovisual designers to create an atmosphere of a truly immersive digital set.


It was a very intimate venue with a capacity of 120, with each ticket being around £15 with free three complimentary drinks.

It was bound to be a good night.

A couple of up-and-coming artists have performed in the space such as Mabel, Sam Wills and RAYE.


I initially wanted to attend the Mabel night, however, none of my friends was available to keep me company so I reluctantly did not attend.

I went on this particular night not just for RAYE  but for Sam Wills. I’ve been listening to his music since last summer with electro soul vibes as well as collaborating with Tom Misch’s  In The Midst Of It All.

MAAD was the first act to grace the beautifully visual stage. Despite, not knowing her at all, she was amazing on stage even if it was her first time in front of a London audience. Her set composed of slow soulful songs and funky energetic ones.

2017-09-07 001 210.JPG

Towards the end of her set, she got emotional and started hearing up at her final song. The audience loved her for being so genuine and full of life.

Sam Wills was next. Surprisingly, he was the only one on stage and his songs were solo keyboard renditions.  Though some of the audience did not appreciate him as much his talent still penetrated through the chatter of the people.

Once he sang In The Midst Of It All,  I myself got emotional as it was just his voice and keyboard playing, you could hear the raw talent and emotion in the song.

2017-09-07 001 216.JPG

RAYE was undoubtedly the main act.

2017-09-07 001 273.JPG

All with good reason she was amazing. on stage sang her singles and her collab  with Jonas BlueBy My Side’  did not fail  to make everybody move and dance.

It ended the eventful day with an energetic high.

Plus I taken a picture with RAYE. *smiley face*

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