Saatchi Gallery: Selfies

So, this will be the first post I will do using my Dragon app because my lazy hands does not want to type it up.

I’m still getting used to it but it’s pretty good.

Anyway, enough of my boasting but I went to visit such a gallery’s exhibition for selfies and self-expression.

2017-09-06 001 227.JPG

In typical fashion, I would cover this exhibition on its final day as nothing motivates me more than the last minute.

This in actuality is the first event/exhibition out of three I went to on this particular day.

Despite ‘selfies’ being known as a modern phenomenon it does actually been around for several decades and perhaps centuries. Hand-painted self portraits and carvings have been a common piece for artists past and present.

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However, as we now live in the modern age we have high quality cameras easily accessible through our pockets via smart phones or handheld cameras. This in turn has allowed more people to express themselves through handheld photography using their devices.

Smartphones have allowed a convenient and easy way for people to express themselves in the society that is heavily influenced by social media. Therefore, selfies are now considered a form of self-expression with tools such as filters and other simplified editing techniques.

2017-09-06 001 179.JPG

Saatchi Gallery explores this new medium of self-expression by showcasing self portraits new and old to show the stark contrast between classical paints and photos.

They had a few interactive showcases one of the most intriguing is the room filled entirely of videos of people filming themselves from a laptop or computer. Complete with all the audio and thousands of images, it highlights the struggle of standing out on the Internet.

2017-09-06 001 172.JPG

This bombardment of audiovisuals would leave some people disorientated and rather unpleasant.

These types of exhibitions are up to interpretation and it is possible to infer multiple meanings of a certain piece.

Another being a room filled with multiple projections that resembles live security footage. This could imply that we are now living in the heavily monitored world and we as a society help that notion by posting selfies and the activities we do.

2017-09-06 001 251.JPG

However, that was my interpretation and not necessarily the sentiment of what others have thought of it.

Let me take a selfie…

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