Iris Theatre Presents: Hansel & Gretel

It was my parent’s 35th Wedding Anniversary: we went to mass, had lunch, went to the amazing Sky Garden at Fenchurch Street and our final stop would be yet another church.

But our surprise it was actually the open air theatre rendition of the classic Brothers Grimm tale of Hansel & Gretel fused with slavic folklore of Baba Yaga.


It has been roughly 10-ish years since I’ve last attended a open theatre production. The first and only being my brother’s performance in his drama club’s  production of of Peter Pan.

In all honesty, I don’t remember much.

I vaguely remember that he was one of the lost boys who got his throat slit by the pirates then disappearing for half of the show. I asked him about his role and apparently he too became a pirate after his supposed death. Pretty ironic.

Back to Hansel and Gretel.

Therefore, this particular show awakened a childish awe with the added benefit of understanding the subtle adult references throughout.

My brother and I were most likely the loudest bunch of grown ‘adults’  who seemed to enjoy their play then the younger majority (they were mostly kids).


Each act guided us throughout this moderately sized garden behind the church. Unique sets acted as a change of scenery. This emerged the entire audience into something similar to a mythical journey through the woods.

The dramatic final act unexpectedly threw us through church doors.


Thus ending the night feeling as though your inner child’s wondrously curious appetite satisfied (even if you never knew you still had one).

Where are the breadcrumbs? Those damn birds.


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