NTS Radio joined forces with Uniqlo’s flagship 311 Oxford Street for a live Japanese inspired broadcast on their rooftop.

2017-09-07 001 029

The event was held on Saturday 2nd September as part of Uniqlo Japan Day, with the NTS broadcast starting at midday.

Unfortunately, my companion and I arrived at 4PM after catching up with some friends and our former maths teacher at Dinerama in Shoreditch.

2017-09-07 001 004.JPG

Ikura Imprint, Kasra V and Sega Bodega kicked off the broadcast, with a live performance from Kero Kero Bonito Soundsystem followed by Radio Jiro to end the day!

There was a limited run of UNIQLO X NTS  collaboration T-Shirts will be available for purchase exclusively at the event. Unfortunately, I did not have the funds to purchase any *laughs to self*.

At least I could thoroughly enjoy off the free sweet syrup or green tea flavoured shaved ice. It just made me super happy.

2017-09-07 001 008.JPG

There were also free drinks – three of which were funky Japanese fusion cocktails that were surprisingly pretty strong. We had to opt out tasting the other two as we were already feeling the alcohol in our system.

Oh yeah, my phone died which explains the lack of pictures as I left my camera at home and did not expect that I was able to attend.

However, I did burrow my friend’s phone to take pictures of the free origami and calligraphy sessions that occurred inside.


No wonder why these photos are better than my lil old iPhone…

It was free and I loved it.

Is there anymore I need to say?

Louis The Child – Phone Died ft. blaise railey

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