Céline Dion @ The O2 Arena (30/07/2017)

Afternoon naps are just delightful…

But seeing the Canadian singing icon, Céline Dion, who’s voice is synonymous with arguable the most iconic romantic scene below:

If you couldn’t guess the song it’s none other than My Heart Will Go On. If that has still not jogged your memory …

She performed four shows as part of her Live 2017 tour. The first two dates on 20 and 21 June will be part of the O2 Arena’s 10th birthday celebrations before returning on 29 and 30 July.

Before the main lady could step on stage, her supporting act had a tough job to do – get the whole stadium excited.

Véronic DiCaire, a talented voice impersonator, did just that – opening up in the guise of Sia until she threw the wig straight off.

With near perfect and occasionally downright hilarious mimicry of other iconic stars such as Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey. As evident in this video, she’s worked and known Céline Dion for some time, both being proud outspoken Canadians.

She has also been judge for the French X Factor broadcast in 2011 and had her own French TV show called the Le DiCaire Show in 2016.

After she set was done, the audience had a good twenty or so minutes to relax and relieve themselves before the possible waterworks and emotions start spilling through.

During this time, I recalled the first two concerts I’ve been to which coincidentally happened to be in the O2 Arena with Sir Cliff Richard and Britney Spears both in 2011 and before I was hooked on live music. We sat further up and away from the stage and O2 felt different somehow from when it did 6 years ago.

I have no clue if there had been a change in layout but the seating was pretty steep and is no good for those with acrophobia (fear of heights) contrary to popular belief vertigo is actually just the dizzying sensation.

The lights dimmed down and the anticipation grew as one of pop music’s most influential voice opened up her set with The Power of Love.

2017-08-06 001 259.JPG

She proceed to sing a couple of covers and hits ranging from the 1980s to her latest work, here’s the complete setlist. Whilst providing cheery, goofy and enduring commentary on stage until the set took a serious tone when she performed one of her latest song, Recovering, released in 2016.

It was tribute to her late husband René Angélil who died from his battle with a cancer comeback. Written by her close friend P!nk during a time of need and helped her a lot with her loss. The rough timeline of René and Céline very touching love story can be found here.

2017-08-06 001 271.JPG

She wrapped off the emotional night with her biggest hit mentioned at the very beginning.

Funnily enough, her husband and manager bundle, René , convinced her to sing on the demo version of the song and was later released only needing one take.

The cherry on top was her cover of Love of My Life by Queen.

It was a wonderful night that did not fail to evoke a magnitude of emotions from the crowd. I root for her career to continue and prosper.

I recommend you hop on the Thames Clippers to North Greenwich to get to the O2 – it awakened the little child within me as I screamed “Boat” repetitively.

2017-08-06 001 213.JPG

The boat ride and remarkable performance all soothed my soul even after a hectic night of clubbing and a sub-optimal four hours of sleep.



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