July’s Uniqlo Tate Lates (28/07/2017)

The last Tate Late was about multiculturalism and how diverse the population is across London.

Despite June being LGBT+ Pride month and London Pride officially being over on 9th July, Tate decided to a hosts an overly Queer Late to prolong the festivities.

All descriptions are provided by Uniqlo and I’m merely picturing the highlights/activities on offer.

Step in to the ring with artist @jessiemclaugh to chat all the things you love about your queer body. Flex, dance, sway, move, or just lie in the ring and listen to a queer love song.

2017-07-28 001 531.JPG

Are you brave enough to change the world? Bring optimism and courage, follow the signs and step into the unknown with artist and pessimist Scottee.

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Cut, stick and piece together collages using queer materials from Tate Library and Archive to create your own queer history.

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2017’s ‘Summer School’ used art to support understanding what gender is through queer theory, feminism, trans, intersex, and non-binary genders. Explore how Summer School evolved and see presentations by artists Travis Alabanza and Linda Stupart plus a special performance by acclaimed drag artist Victoria Sin.

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I didn’t manage to capture the rest of the exhibition mainly due to me wanting to absorbs the information rather than taking pictures of it…

2017-07-28 001 778.JPG

Plus we also spent way too long relaxing a room showcasing a porn video made by feminists while arguing where to eat for dinner.

~I never knew a drag act making a cheese sandwich would be soo funny~


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