HOUSE OF VANS X Assembly Chopper Show

Ever since I was little, I was fascinated by machines and motorcycles. Though, my brother and mother have bad experiences with them, I found them to be two-wheeled roaring beasts.

When the House Of Vans invited me down to a press preview of the exhibition for bikes that have been pimped out for show, I was definitely going to see this for myself…

2017-07-28 001 136.JPG

It was Europe’s first free custom motorcycle show, finally made its way to House of Vans, courtesy of The Great Frog & Dice Magazine.2017-07-28 001 407


Showcase photography from the best shooters on the chopper scene…


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Other than an impressive collection of custom Choppers there was a tattoo parlour and other fine biking merchandise from the motor community themselves. Rock music is also included.


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A whole host of legendary chopper builders descended upon House of Vans for a weekend of workshops, street market and good times, to celebrate the art of the Chopper.


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~Playing with the Canon 700D, again~




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