Tom Misch + VERY SPECIAL GUESTS @ Somerset House Summer Series (14/07/2017)

It’s now August and I’m still an unorganised mess.

I’m a just a mess that just loves music.

There was just too much happening during the weekend 14th – 16th July. Free Mura Masa PopUp, LoveBox Festival, Hyper Japan Festival and Somerset House Summer Series were just thrown in my face and I had to make arguably the most difficult decision in a while.

I had a pair of LoveBox AND Somerset House tickets… Even I don’t know where the money came from and it was pretty dumb decision.

The line-up for this year’s LoveBox was banging with Frank Ocean headlining on Friday and I was seriously enticed by the promise of takoyaki (octopus balls) at Hyper Japan.

However, I reconsidered my choices and realised I would rather go to a see an artist I was absolutely loved than a bunch of artists I was kind of interested in and I could always dream of food until Christmas Market. Anyway, I’ve covered both HYPER JAPAN and LoveBox last year…

Without any rather ado, I introduce to you the talented singer/songwriter and DJ Tom Misch!

2017-07-15 001 372.JPG

I’ve been a sucker for chilled music for a while now, it was late 2014 and I stumbled on the amazing Tom Misch during one of my many autoplay Youtube journeys. I was this particular collab with Carmody when I instantly fell in love.

How my friend described his sound upon her first time listening as ‘distinctively London‘. It is as mellow and refreshing as winter transitioning to spring, whilst putting your feet up after a long day at work while the rest of the world is still buzzing outside your window. You are now oddly at peace in the middle of bustling city.

Could you guess which city I have in mind? Well, of course it’s London. Most particular South London where Tom Misch happens to be from. He perfectly describes my love for this area in the following song:

Not trying to boast but I found this as soon as it came out…

2017-07-07 001 053.PNG

This being my first time coming to a Somerset House Summer Series gig, I had no idea what expect… I didn’t even remember who was due to perform other than Tom.

2017-07-15 001 268.JPG

Not until the first act came on…

2017-07-15 001 294.JPG


It was none-other than Carmody and Tom’s equally talented sister Laura Misch is on the right providing backup and saxophone at the beginning of the set.

I have a lot of love for Carmody as well, I was playing her Skin EP all day everyday for a week soothing my soul after an arduous school day with her goosebumps-inducing vocals. The audience were rendered rather speechless after each moving song.

Next up was Andreya Triana, truth be told this was my first time I’ve heard her but she had enough energy to power half of central London. I had a massive girl crush, right then and there. We made eye-contact a few times and just melted internally. A bright smile and scintillating smoky vocals illuminated everyone’s soul.

2017-07-15 001 310.JPG

The audience were already bubbling from the previous artists when Tom hopped on stage.  He kicks off the set with The Journey with those JDilla vibes.

Will Heard, then literally skipped onto the stage then hopped off the stage during their collab piece Day 3: When You Want To Love.

2017-07-15 001 393.JPG

More very special guest came up throughout the set. Sam Willis, Laura MischKaidi Akinnibi, NovelistZack Abel and Barney Artist everyone of them performed their with obvious love and energy which resonated with the crowd. Each brought a fresh new flavour of their own.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then my phone ran out of memory…

This night is arguable one of my top five gigs I’ve ever attended due to the intimacy and the diverse range of talent that grace the stage. It’s also remarkable and feels great to support local talent. The amazingly saxy Laura Misch resides around Peckham whilst I live in Camberwell Green just down the main road.

I unfortunately missed out on her Peckham Rye Music Festival and other recent shows but I vow to attend more local gigs for budding artists.

~You should come south of the river~
~This is where it all starts~

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