Uniqlo Tate Lates (30/06/17)

The very last overdue June post is finally here.

Who has ever wondered of having a rave at a museum past closing hours?

No, it’s not illegal. You’re not trespassing, they accept you with arms wide open.

These are one of the many museum Lates that occur in London. From the Natural History Museum and Science Museum in South Kensington and the National Portrait Gallery in Leicester Square.


Tate Modern Lates occurs on every last Friday of each month. It’s a perfect dose of art and culture while on a night out for those who either can’t attend during regular hours or love exploring the capital’s night scene.

Make sure make a quick stop at the Viewing Level before last admission at 9:30PM.

2017-07-01 001 357.JPG

This particular Uniqlo Late Born and Bread section particularly focused on multiculturalism as well as appreciation of our origins and upbringing, reflective on London’s diverse population.

2017-07-01 001 462.JPG

There were interactive activities that allowed you to express your opinion of London as a whole or a particular borough on the map. You could leisurely chat and relax with the amazing DJ playing an vibe-worthy set.

Of course, there’s an opportunity to doodle if you wish to do so…

2017-07-01 001 486.JPG
Totally not trying to show off…

Language is also a big feature on this night with a sign language cafe. There’s also a different floor that explores the expression, interpretations and definition of words. I present the Babble Board filled with jokes and deep quotes.

2017-07-01 001 617.JPG

Most of the museum floors are still open to explore the exhibitions if you just want to quietly appreciate some art.

2017-07-01 001 512.JPG

Truth be told, my companion and I were not able to fully explore what the Late had to offer as we were just having a fun relaxing experience that we just lost track of time. The clock struck 11PM and the festivities had to stop.

2017-07-01 001 582.JPG

The next Tate Late is focusing Queer focused as an extension to Pride Month. My queer self is definitely going to this one on 28th July.

~Use these posts as possible date ideas~

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