Leicester Square Theatre‎ Presents: Sh!t-faced Shakespeare (02/06/17)

Imagine Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing with one actor who becomes progressively drunk through out the play.

That’s exactly what you get other than having your sides split from Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare.


This was my third consecutive event night out with Phu and I thought I would be sick of seeing his fabulous face. Then I remembered that we went Sixth Form together and it was inescapable in those days.

Front row seats at Kinky Boots, an intimate Mabel concert then a hilarious drunken rendition of a Shakespearean comedy. We were on a roll.

Here’s a snippet from their YouTube Channel with drunken summaries and shorts of the Classics:

Don’t worry. You could join in the drunken fun with bars situated on both sides of the theatre.


I am not going provide a summary to Much Ado About Nothing, as there are a few hundred of flying about online, like this one.

It’s basically a historical romantic comedy where two of the main characters fall in love instantly, whilst another two have a constant witty exchanges between themselves ignoring the obvious romantic tension growing between them.


Unlike Shakespeare’s famous tragedies, this story’s happy ending is enhanced by the jovial drunken atmosphere emitted from not just the actors but the theatre and audience alike.

If you really want to be involved, you got to snap up front row tickets with two participation roles and a chance to play a minor (unfortunate) role on stage.

They don’t stick around for too long as they are constantly touring around the UK but in the USA too. Check out all of their productions HERE.


It’s a fantastic night to spend with someone special or grab a group of mates to buy out the entire front row.

Performance Photos: Nile Hawver / Nile Scott Shots

232514 2.jpg


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