Robbie Williams @ London Stadium (23/06/17)

It was six in the morning, I was arrived home from clubbing just four hours before, when my mum slaps Robbie William tickets across my face…

2017-07-03 002 006.PNG

What a wonderful way to wake up your daughter?

It was a pleasant surprise but I barely had any energy to get up.

I wasn’t hung over. I barely drank anything because I couldn’t really afford to. I was drunk and high on life anyway. Plus I don’t need to spend a single penny.

Give me good music and I can dance to my heart’s content.

Robbie Williams is a British icon, being the poster boy of Take That from 1990 to 1995 and then again 2009 to 2012. He got over his substance addiction, became a father and threw himself back on stage.

2017-06-26 001 157.JPG

He performed earlier in the year for the One Love Manchester tribute concert in memory of the deceased and joined his former band mates for hugs but not a song on stage as the band did officially form in Manchester. He did put on an emotional solo performance of Angels.

This performance was a part of his The Heavy Entertainment Show Tour around Europe with a set list of songs old and new.

If you’re a big Robbie fan, you should definitely check out this tour as tickets are still available.

Robbie was being the usual man-child he was, swearing and joking about on stage as well as performing a piece with his father.

2017-06-26 001 230.JPG

His set for Strong and Angels were especially touching in light of recent tragedies in Manchester and London. We everyone held their flash-lights in the air holding back the tears in our eyes.

2017-06-26 001 231.JPG

One Love to the Rest of the World!

~Let me entertain you~

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