House Of Vans X VICELAND & Thrasher: ‘King of the Road’ (02/06/2017)

After the hilarious Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare performance, my fabulous companion and I hurried to the King of the Road Launch Party.


It was a pretty hectic day.

The weather didn’t help. It was pouring from noon into the evening.

I was worried for my camera’s safety and missed out on the skate demonstrations in the House of Vans. I was determined not to miss the launch party.


We barely made it.


The music was banging on full blast, liquor was pouring, the crowd was swaying and we managed to slip into the final preview screening of the night.


King of the Road is basically Jackass with professional skaters. Watch out for the gnarly factor, as some scenes are just not pretty.

Stay tuned with VICELAND.

VICELAND is a channel of personal perspectives. We’re here for music, food, sex, fashion, tech. All the things that make up life.

Those into the skate life should really not miss out on the second season of King of The Road.

~He was a skater boy~
~She said see you later boy~

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