Club Eskimo’s – DEAN, MISO, SAAY & 2XXX! @ KOKO

I’m going to squeeze every last bit of my writing energy here before I get busy once again. In actuality, I had to cancel plans with two people so I have to make this day matter.

This concert was something pretty special as there is only a limited amount of chances to see Asian bands/artists. So when my brother notified me that this awesome line-up was performing, I jumped at the chance.

From what I have observed the toughest fans are obsessed fangirls, rockers and Asian Pop/HipHop/Rock fans. Despite, their short statue some Asians actually become rabid once their idol steps on stage and fight to get whatever is thrown into the crowd. Some fangirls would resort to hair pulling. Rockers by far have the most respect but would get into the music that they inherently injury those around them.

These people were dedicated. Fortunately, I was friends with a few of these and they held a spot for my brother and I near the front. The queue was pretty mad…

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I went into the concert pretty blind. Don’t get me wrong, I like DEAN a lot but I only listened to a handful of his songs and I didn’t realise that I have heard of MISO prior the concert a few days after.

Club Eskimo – founded by DEAN is known for their underground Korean hip hop, r&b, chill, house, and electronic sound.

2XXX! helped mellow the excitable crowd at the beginning by playing an awesome hiphip/low-fi set that I’ve currently been super into. SAAY was next with impressive vocals that silenced the crowd with her sexy presence and voice.

MISO hoped on the stage firstly behind the decks showcasing her DJing prowess then to the front of the stage to showcase her vocal talent.

2017-06-26 001 357.JPG

Last but not least was DEAN. Renowned as a key figure in the underground Korean scene and one of the most notable names to have came out of South Korea. His music speaks for itself and I advise you to check out his work.

This is was one of the rare afternoon concerts I’ve been to. It’s most highly likely due to the fact that this was a last minute addition to the tour as the tickets for Sunday was sold out in a couple of hours.

KOKO was probably going to have another performance on the same night and hurriedly cleared the venue.2017-06-26 001 432.JPG

It was an amazing showcase of Korean talent embracing international influences into their music.

~This is the fourth post I have written up on 3rd July 2017~

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