Mabel @ Village Underground (01/06/17)

I am a sucker for up-and-coming artist before they exponentially blow up. MabelNAO and Mura Masa for example.

After missing out on her well-received performance at The Great Escape Festival 2016 in Brighton at the Vevo with her interesting rendition of Destiny’s Child classic ‘Say My Name‘ along with her debut single ‘Know Me Better‘.

I was definitely not going to miss her.

Armed with my trusted concert notification apps – I was ready to jump on any chance I could get to seeing these amazing artists live. Songkick and DICE are my most trusted concert companions.

These are two smaller established ticket distributing companies that I go to, instead of the massive LiveNation empire that owns Ticketmaster, Get Me In and many more. I do love supporting the underdogs (no offence LN).

The following song is one of my favourites:

The use of synths and the old school RnB influences are making a comeback and I love it.

Sinead Harnett, Mura Masa, NAO, H.E.R, 11:11 and Snakehips to name a few. I adore that fact that these popular but not yet mainstream names have made a few beautiful collaborations together.

This was my first gig at Underground Village in Shoreditch as I commonly found myself in Camden instead. However, the venue was simple and the stage was pretty small but had a lot of personality.


“…renovated turn-of-the-century warehouse ready for everything from concerts and club nights to exhibitions, theatre, live art and other performances…”
~Village Underground website~

It was great night with the supporting act pumping out an excellent mixture of classics and her own songs. (Currently looking for her name but I do have a photograph with her…)

IMG_4347 2 copy.jpg

The fabulous guy on the left is Phuoc and the fantastic singer is on the right, just to clarify. Feel free to follow him on Instagram @phuocngoxx (as I barely post anything ever).

After the crowd was rallied up, Mabel stepped on stage and did not disappoint. Singing her singles as well as all songs from her EP ‘Bedroom‘ along with a few crowd favourites here and there.


To warp the night for her encore, Kojo jumped on stage had a little dance off with Mabel whilst performing Finders Keepers.


We had world-renowned Salt Beef bagels at Beigel Bake on Brick Lane. I was both musically and physically satisfied from that night.

~It’s finders keepers~


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