Piccadilly Theatre Presents: Jersey Boys

The Tale of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons based on a true story. The backdrop was the 1960s, the peak of Rock ‘n Roll and the hold of the organised crime was still prevalent.

Jersey Boys production is going on tour around the UK then oversea with its final performance at London Piccadilly Theatre on 26th March 2017. In other words, Mother’s Day in the UK that is. Guess who used this as an excuse to treat oneself and their mother to a trip to the theatre – obviously me.


It was an entertaining show filled with classic hits like “Bye Bye Baby“, “Beggin” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Of You”. There was also the typical dodgy gangsta dealings of the Mafia Era and internal band drama, that most old bands went through.

It done a decent job at exploring the quirks, emotions and family life of all the band members. Though some not in the same detail as others there was enough to display their true motives and nature – some you may come to love or hate.

The ticket cost hit my wallet significantly to be rewarded with seats with partially blocked view due to the higher levels – slightly ruined the immersion of the experience.

The performance itself was an impressive display of musical talent  and executed to perfection. The actors and musicians in the background deserve all the praise in the world.

However, it lacked the enticing and contagious energy that causes the audiences to linger and chatter after the performance is done.

It was mainly a singing showcase than a musical – there was basically any movement on stage compared to other productions (well, it is a jukebox musical based on a band’s history, they aren’t exactly jumping around). Most of the moves were shuffles, shoulder bops and finger clicking.


It was evident that once the performance was over. People were rushing to the exits even before the end of the encore for the rest of cast. Yes, they may have had places to go to but it was the first time I’ve seen a theatre clear out at such a hurry.

Overall, it was good but not necessarily something I’ll recommend. My dad would have mostly likely enjoyed it more than my mother and I. It has an old dad humour vibe to it. Even though it lacked certain things for me there was clearly a lot of amazing work that went into it.


Perfect for those looking for a healthy dose of 1960’s Rock ‘n Roll and band drama – it would deliver you plenty to last couple of months or even years.

Currently on the train back to London… 

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