[Spoiler Free Review] A Silent Voice

I am currently recovering from the emotion repercussions of watching A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi, also translated as The Shape of Voice). After the major boom of cinematic anime success in the form of Your Name. A Silent Voice is Kyoto Animation‘s attempt to replicate the same overwhelming response that CoMix Wave Films manage to garner from an international audience.

Your Name has by far the greater promotional strategy by airing it in major film festivals as well as scattering adverts all over the London Underground. The only way I found out about A Silent Voice was due to a promotional poster at the Vue Cinema where I have watched Logan. I proceeded to book tickets for the movie that same night.


Due to the relatively small time-frame between the releases of these two animated works, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between the two. However, they should be judged as individual products as they both had completely different atmospheres and plots.

Love played a minor part in both movies but was mainly used as a tool to play with our heart strings.

A Silent Voice has a much darker theme whilst Your Name was initially more vibrant until the plot twist.

I’ll keep it this spoiler-free. I’m also judging this on the movie alone as I have not read the manga this movie is based off.

The beginning might be a bit too much for people to handle, it makes you think that what is occurring is pretty messed up. The underlying themes throughout is about forgiving oneself and learning to move now from your past deeds. In other words, this a coming-of-age film which it tackles difficult subjects such as disability, bullying and its consequences.

It’s a super immersive cinematic experience, evoking emotions ranging from great dread and overwhelming happiness. I actually cried three times throughout the movie and would have balled and screamed if I was not in a public setting.

This movie had a relatively raw representation of reality than most anime out there. It shows the worse and best of human nature.

There were weak-points throughout the major being the characters as some weren’t developed or memorable as the others, however, this was due to the time restraints of the film. They were used effectively to progress the plot and were used to express different responses to traumatic situations. These ranged from reacting with intense anger to cowering away from any form of confrontation.

You will LOVE the chubby short guy XD

Overall, it was an amazing movie. I bet at least 4/5 of you who enjoyed Your Name will also come to love this heart-wrenching drama.

Minimalist art by devianart user: greenmapple17

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