Kehlani @ O2 Shepard’s Bush Empire (08/03/2017)

Gorillaz and alt-J tickets just went on sale today (literally just 2 hours ago-from when I was writing this at least). I would have gladly thrown my money at this opportunity.

However, I need to be more money conscious as I need to pay half of my plane ticket to the Philippines. Not just that but my potential island hopping is gonna cost a small fortune. A fortune a lowly university student can’t simply afford without any sacrifice.

That sacrifice will have to be the number of concerts I throw myself into. However, before I cease buying/covering concerts, I’ll throw a lil dash of Kehlani for all of you.

I was pretty far back </3

Kehlani (Kehlani Ashley Parrish) is an American singer, songwriter and dancer (a sexy one at that). Being such a gifted individual at just 21 years old, she is right at my dating range, is a massive achievement.


Her most notable tracks include GANGSTA from the Suicide Squad soundtrack and CRZY from the album she is currently promoting ‘SweetSexySavage‘.


I love her not just for her music but for being her earnest self. She’s openly bisexual and ain’t afraid to show it – giving a shoutout to all her LGBT+ fans present (there were plenty of us). She went on to give words of encouragement to everyone present, saying that it’s good to remove yourself from the outside world occasionally to take care yourself in your own ‘little box’.

My heart melting from the cuteness overload and I was squealing at an impossible octave.

This was actually a last minute addition to her world tour due to popular demand.

The line up was: Ella Mai, Jahkoy, Noodles and her surprise guests was WSTRN with Stormzy stopping by at her Tuesday gig.

It was fantastically authentic show of young talent.

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

Gym life is the hard life…

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