House Of Vans X VICELAND: NEEDLES & PINS (17/02/17)

As if I haven’t had an eventful week. BOOM! I get invited to Needles & Pins launch party hosted by the House Of Vans. Fortunately, with no other clashing plans – I was definitely not going to going to miss it.

Needles & Pins: a TV show all about tattoos and people with tattoos is premiering on VICELAND on February 22nd. To mark the occasion, House of Vans and VICELAND have joined forces to bring you one hell of a party curated by queen of ink Grace Neutral.

Surprise invitation!

I absolutely adore and appreciate the work of the House Of Vans. They provide a welcoming and alternative venue (literally under a tunnel – Graffiti Tunnel to be exact) for a multiple creative purposes such as concerts, cinema and exhibitions.

I just love this tunnel ❤

This was guaranteed fun night of entirely free live music, preview screenings, photo booth and a bar.


As a person who’s always yearned for a tattoo as an art form and the array of deep emotional meaning for some of those who get one. The utilisation of the one’s body as a canvas through the use of body modification and tattoos is super intriguing. Needles & Pin is set to be a deep exploration of how some people use their body as a canvas as well as its impact on culture and society.


Sneak peek… WARNING: There are some squirmish moments

It was a fantastic night to launch an interesting series that explores a big sub-category of the ‘alternative‘ scene that is not normally covered in regular media.

Our attempt at looking professional…

I’ve got an uneventful reading week for now…

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