ALAN WALKER @ Heaven (15/02/17)

You all been thinking that a concert on a Tuesday night is eventful enough. Think again! As I for one have found myself in yet another one. This time it was a proper dive into EDM and DJ madness of Alan Walker at the fabulous venue of Heaven.

I was definitely tired from the night before but powered forward, stopping over at a house party and then rushing to central London for my regular dose of live music.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not an overly popular person, I just so happened to be invited to two house parties on the same day as a concert. Of course, the concert was the highest priority.

Heaven – one of my favourite venues. It has hosted my most memorable concert – Sigala and his array of special guests. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see his show on 16th February as three consecutive concerts would have been crazy, plus I had basketball practice.

Truth be told, I only bought tickets to this concert to keep my friend company, who is obsessed with Alan Walker and a total concert noob. So who else would have been a better candidate to join her other than myself?

Did I regret it?

No, most certainly not. Despite only knowing roughly two and a half songs by him, I’m always up for a concert, even if it means turning down free food (I cri evrytim).

Moving on.

The night was kicked off by Coldsbank, an unknown DJ that even Google can hardly find him. Regardless, he put a raving show with the hot mixes and sexy transitions. I give him extra marks for playing the following banger below:

I garnered some amused looks as I was screaming the lyrics in an out-of-tune and crazy fashion. Needless to say, Coldbanks didn’t fail to get my heart pumping and I would gladly go clubbing with him on the decks.

Could have been even better if you played the following song though:

I would have broke into Running-Man Mode so fast… It’s just one of those songs that just pleases the crowd and should be a staple to every DJ set.

Hands up for Coldbanks

The audience was growing with an anticipation as the time of ALAN WALKER was soon upon us.

Alan Walker – a young British Norwegian EDM talent, who has been taking the world by storm with his hit Faded, the vocal version of his Fade. Surprisingly, he is only a month and a day older than me. #YoungAdultGoals

Oh, yet again I found another artist before they blew up during my random EDM YouTube marathon – most particularly NoCopyrightSounds. I heard of Alan Walker some time during 2013 with the following song:

He’s gained a lot of popularity in China. This was evident by the number of Chinese people among the audience. Trust me I can spot the difference being Asian myself and having companion from Macau.

Bass, Electro and Techno heavy music resonated in the air.

He pumped the crowd continuously throughout the entire show with special guests to add more flavour. My tired body found itself jumping up and down whilst attempting to dance. Great for stamina building. Let’s just say my ‘Alan Walker obsessed‘ friend didn’t last as long as I did.

Iselin Solheim with Faded!

It was great night of high energy and lights resulting in the same amount of satisfying amount of sweat you get from an amazing workout.

Mysterious vocalist who’s name I’m still looking for…

ALAN WALKER is certainly going to be on my gym playlist.

You always need confetti.

If I even bother to go to gym that is…

Currently getting ready to go gym at midnight *slow clap*

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