Hyper Japan Christmas Market (25/11/2016)

Hyper Japan Christmas Market is back at Tobacco Dock. Despite being in the midst of an extremely chilly London autumn, the sun decided to pop its golden head on the first day of the market.

Surprisingly sunny and warm for once…

I’m going to be honest with you all… I ditched Uni early so I had plenty of time to do some exploring, Tobacco Dock being just 20 minutes away. Getting pretty lost – I had to follow the tickling steam of the groups of friends and occasional cosplayers.


It was a Friday and just one hour into the event. Therefore, it was by far the quietest time of the market. At least it gave me a chance to take pictures with less disruptions and judging looks as I crouch with my DSLR in hand.

It’s pretty suspicious down here…

This year’s entrance was unfortunately the side car park instead of the main gates with the grand boats on display which was now the exit.


I’ve already covered Tobacco Dock as a venue in previous event such as last year’s Christmas Market and EGX Rezzed. Anyway here is a mini spam of venue shoots (I just love the sun).



There was nothing new this year. That’s be expected. The mouthwatering food stalls, vendors of awe inspiring Japanese fashion and cute stuff sold all over the place – exactly the same (minus the bubble tea stall unfortunately).




Let’s not forget the gaming section of course. Complete with Super Smash bros and retro classics along with the beats and stomps emitted from the dance machine (which I will never attempt in public).


What is Japan without manga and anime, right?


Unfortunately, I had leave early to get to a friend’s birthday dinner so I was not able to view any shows and demonstrations.

Oh did I mention food?

Despite my short stay, it was all worth it for the food and company. Just gather some mates and tackle Hyper Japan!

~a guaranteed delicious time~