[Spoiler Free Review] Your Name

Here I am typing up my first (and possibly last) movie review just before rewatching this very movie I’m about to review in University.


Why am I including such unnecessary details?

Because I am literally shaking from excitement at the very thought of being brought along a magical journey by directing legend – Makoto Shinkai, once againDirector of 5 Centimeters Per Second and Garden of Words, both of which are animated cinematic classics – or so I’ve heard.

Feel free to virtually roast me with your comments.

I admit that I, a self-proclaimed retired otaku, have yet watched these highly praised masterpieces. However, I am glad that this movie was my gateway to witness Shinkai’s beautiful cinematic world.

To enjoy this movie to the fullest. GO IN COMPLETELY BLIND!

[Flashback to 24th November – UK PREMIERE] 

I remember my brother saying just before I was heading off to Uni, “Oh we’re watching a movie tonight, okay.”

I looked at him with a genuinely confused face.

” I told you I was buying tickets for ‘Your Name‘ like two weeks ago- remember?”

“Your Name? Whose name?”

“That anime movie, it’s had bare posters and reviews.”

“Oh that! Yep – I’m gonna leg it (hurry) there after basketball.”

[Flashback Over] 

Little did I know I would be left breathless in the cinema after the credits finished rolling. I was in awe. I had to sit there and take in what I just witness and what I felt. I was more winded by the movie than my basketball practice.

This is entirely my own opinion: It was AMAZING!

The movie had brought me though a trip of expansive colour and animation. The array of vivid colours and motion was masterfully done. The hand painted backgrounds brought a lot of character to the fictional world. Music expressed and amplified the atmosphere and emotion perfectly.

The story and character development was intricately woven throughout.

It’s Girl meets Boy but so much more.

Get ready for your feelings to be played with…

Credit goes to the wonderful greenmapple17 once again for their beautiful minimalistic artwork! 

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