Ballie Ballerson Dalston Junction Pop-Up

People reminiscence about the days they would play in a ball pit as a child. I have always been deprived of this fun past time. Now as an adult I was finally able to experience a barrage of balls.

Ballie Ballerson is based near Dalston Junction station. The hype has been beautifully built by popular outlets such as TimeOut, Buzzfeed and Metro. I was lucky to be allowed in to enter the opening Friday by paying on the door.


As soon as you enter you are welcomed into an artsy cosy bar setting complete with VIP tables and comfy sits to have a little chat and a few drinks before heading for the pit.

The anticipation and excitement was building up as you walk through the colourful and creative work splashed on the walls and corridors.


Your enthusiasm overflows as soon as you see the pit – you load off any unnecessary baggage and valuables on you. Jump into the pit and release your inner-child!020.JPG

The DJ was pumping out bangers from house to funk – anything that urged you to dance as you legs sink deeper into the pit of balls.


There were people of all ages and backgrounds all enjoying a bit of ball-istic fun. Just to warn you –  being in a pool of balls there is a possible that you sink and be stuck down under for a while. It’s a rather scary whilst exhilarating experience. Similar to drowning but without the water.

Ballie Ballerson has done an amazingly great job in creating a venue with plenty of character and fun.


Adults can have fun with plastic balls as well, you know…

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