Snakehips (06/10/2016)

Snakehips is by far one of the underrated DJ duos around despite garnering a healthy following they are still pretty far from mainstream. Even with chart climbing hits such as All My Friends (ft. Tinshane and Chance the Rapper) and Cruel (ft. Zayn Malik) – both of which they played to please the audience.


I’ve been on the Snakehips hype wagon for at least three years. Enjoying chill RnB vibes from working with various relatively unknown artist and discovering new talent everyday is a satisfying experience. They played all their classics that I’ve played on repeat for weeks such as their remix of Warm Water by Banks and Too Late by Wild Belle. As well as their newer tunes such as Falling ft. Malika and Money On Me.

Three female artists jumped on stage on their respected pieces. After hours of unsuccessful searching around the web, I have yet been able to put a name on these talented beauties (…please help me). 

This was the second time I reached the barriers, mainly because the majority of the audience arrived two hours after the doors had opened. We were genuinely the third and fourth people in the queue.


Despite being at the very front with the audience being rather tame – I was still unable to take decent pictures. I was too caught up in the music to even picture the supporting act Hannah Faith – who’s been getting more recognition since her spot on BBC 1 Radio. Cadenza, an uprising London DJ,  also didn’t get any shots but feel free to check him out on soundcloud.

I did manage to take pretty picture of the lighting backdrops…

To sum it up… just go and listen to Snakehips! The music and vibes were on point

*Throws their soundcloud and YouTube at you*

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