Sigala (21/09/2016)

Heaven is one of the biggest names in the LGBT+ clubbing scene. When Sigala decided to stop by the venue was brought to life with the fantastic collection of talent to grace the stage. The likes of Imani Williams and John Newman unexpectedly jumped into each of their respective song ands rocked the stage. The supporting acts help start the fun-loving and jovial vibes.
BB Diamond and her crew brought a feel-good vibe
The only act I wasn’t able to get a hand on… She even came off stage to walk through the crowd but as I was right at the barriers, she walked behind me and I missed a chance of a hug or a high-five.  Even with the stage filled with hazards, she was jumping around and full of energy.
Tiggs Da Author and his hilarious fake accent
Meet the Londoner who will blow you away with his goofy antics and moves. This fun loving artist is complete with embarrassing dancing and a fake Caribbean accent. He will definitely bring a smile on your face and his moves are contagious.
It was the actual first time that I have been on the barrier. It was surreal experience to be so up close and personal with these talented artists.
I even got to touch John Newman‘s calf as he placed his foot right on the railing in front of me…

Definitely a night to remember!