V&A Museum – You Say You Want A Revolution? (10 September 2016 – 26 February 2017)

The V&A is launching their new exciting exhibition – You Say You Want A Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966 – 1970. It takes your hand through an immersive trip exploring the period where youth culture catalysed a push for a more optimistic idealism and unity to challenge the power structures throughout society. Showing the ups and downs of these progressive times from the Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam War to the boost in consumerism and self expression.


The V&A managed to amass a very diverse and impressive collection of artefacts that which expressed different aspects of the tumultuous period. Each section of the exhibition reveal the various revolutions occurring in certain parts of Western society.

The exhibition’s array contains a recreation of Carnaby Street showcasing the progression in youth identity along with costumes designed for Mick Jagger and Sandie Shaw highlighting the importance of pop music during the time.  As well as original footage of the 1967 Montreal and 1970 Osaka World Expos – displaying glimpses of a consumer-led future.


It wasn’t just a visually engaging exhibition – the sound experience provided by Sennheiser and John Peel was a delight to our ears. Seamlessly switching from songs by The KinksBeach Boys and Martha Reeve & the Vandella to the audio clips to the corresponding video clips sprinkled throughout.


The fifth exhibition environment focusing festival fever was by far one of the greatest highlights for us. Imagine being in a room fully immersed by original footage and music from Woodstock 1969 with the sound of enthusiastic festival-goers cheering behind you. Thick astroturf gently brushing the soles of your shoes as you walk around and look at artefacts reflective of the festival atmosphere – smashed guitars and costumes. Feel free to fully relax, sit on a comfy bean bag and take in the audiovisual experience.

099.JPG Sounds like a great day out for you? Book your tickets HERE. The tickets are £16 (concessions available) and V&A members go free.

It is an experience your sense would thank you for. There plenty of events on their way and vibrant merchandise that tempt you to empty out your wallet.

This experience was brought by the partnership with Levi’s® brand, sound experience by Sennheiser with additional thanks to the Grow Anneberg Foundation, Fenwick and Sassoon.


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