Science Museum Lates – Power UP (05/08/2016)

Who would have thought blogging post-surgery would be more difficult than getting access to a sold out event – certainly not me. There’s never any harm in simply asking, you might just be lucky enough be granted a chance.

That was the case for Power UP at the Science Museum Lates, an adults-only late opening  which occurs on the last Wednesday of each month. Despite missing out on the major Late on 27th July, I was still desperate to cover this event no matter what. However, the Late on 5th August was sold out but by contacting them, they graciously set aside two tickets for which I am deeply grateful for.

TruSay and I: “Challenge Accepted”

I’m not the most hardcore gamer but I sure love the gaming industry. Gaming is the most immersive form of media. The amount of work, technology and creativity used to create modern games is just outstanding.  It brings the skills and talents of multiple people to produce one game. The exponential growth of indie developers gaining crowdfunding is just going to rather expand the realm of gaming.

Trip down memory lane 

It’s obvious that I haven’t been around for 40 years, the legacy of past consoles and nostalgia still lingers today, such as the GameCube will always be my unforgettable first gaming love.


There was a gaming LAN party circle of 16 monitors hooked up to Xbox 360s dedicated to Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 for that 8-player action. Or that frustrating death steak rage…


Worry not PC gamers! There were plenty of those ready for retro gaming action as well as two mini arcade machines tucked in the left hand corner of this picture.

There were some gaming goodies available to add to your collection of course. I was tempted to buy most of the products on offer but my budget could not possibly stretch that far. #StudentProblems


It was a night filled to the brim of gaming fun hosted by one of the most prestigious museums in London. I would have spent all night and early morning just on a gaming spree.

My favourite shot of the night

Funnily enough, I hopped into playing League of Legends as soon as I got back home.

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