London Anime and Gaming Con (02/07/2016)


How was this year’s Con?

[Note: As I’m unable to attend on Sunday (for reasons I’ll posts later) please feel free to check out their website HERE or the Official Conbook HERE]

This year’s Con was so much better than ever. The major difference is the sheer expansion of the gaming section that was allocated two modestly sized rooms above the anime section. Don’t worry anime fans, there was plenty of anime goods on offer at numerous number of stalls as well as the calm Anime Chillout Zone at the back of the bar.

Despite the fact that me and my friends being lost initially (we were wondering around aimlessly), I genuinely liked the current venue layout. Everything was now held in one entire building. There was even great use of the open space to the side of building where guests could get some fresh whilst enjoying their lunch from the conveniently  positioned burger stand.

If you have the money to spare there are some many goods on offer from posters to indie comic book series’. Funny t-shirts, cool canvas prints to charmingly cute wooden pieces of art.

So much to do, so little time…

In all honesty, I was not able to explore everything on offer during my short time there as evidently shown on today’s timetable above. Personally, I indulged in the gaming section longer than I have expected. Friends and rivals were having their own personal competitions as crowds gather around the official tournaments producing occasional cheer or scream of frustration.

After my friend’s endless nagging I reluctantly left my CoD: Black Ops – Zombies session at 100 kills. We then proceeded to enter the other room with the Gaming Stage, which was home to the Ubisoft booth, Eclipse Computers‘ and other tournaments. This is where we stumbled upon this outrageously adorable whimsy game: Grow Home. Though I was known of this game as it was released last year, it was at that very moment I experienced its captivating charm in person. I’m definitely bagging this one during Steam Summer Sale.

All in all, it was an extremely a fun day out with a diverse variety of activities and games for you to choose from. I guarantee you’ll be spoilt for choice if you went into the convention without a set plan. Enjoy talks, tournaments or performances from the multiple stages. Appreciate and cheer for the most impressive cosplayers. Sit down and converse whilst watching an anime. Or grab a mouse/controller and play away.

Confession Time: I’m writing this at 4 AM… I fell asleep after our day out at LAGC and Forbidden Planet (post about it soon)