London Pride (25/06/2016)

As per usual, I will start my post off with an excuse and apology but currently exams have been the bane of my life. After being endlessly battered by 10 exams – the fabulous rainbow flag flying festival returns to town. Pride in London is here! (Yesterday actually, but UK Black Pride 2016 did occur today…)

Despite all that drama lately, stressful exam session, the tragic Orlando shooting and the highly debated Brexit (British Exit of the EU). Those problems seemingly dissolved in the jovial atmosphere in Central London with ladies, gentlemen and anyone in between celebrating the concept of unification and acceptance.

I have attended Pride last summer but felt no urge to post about it. However, I felt like this is the perfect time to express my gratitude for how much society in general has opened up towards the LGBT+ community.

Thousands flocked to Central

Being quite a queer cookie myself – Pride is a great outing for friends, family and couples alike. Center stage at Traglar Square had a variety of performances from other fabulous folk to Alesha Dixon. Even the new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, made an appearance.

BSL staff are on hand to help the deaf :3

If the main stage is too mainstream for your liking, feel free to watch the parade progress through the streets of London. If you’re luckily you could catch a glimpse of this unexpected cute proposal. Or check out the side stages or clubs and bars in Soho.

All in all, it was great way to cheer plenty of people, bringing that all that needed sunshine and rainbows.