Against The Current (21/03/2016)

Against The Current –  a young Pop/Rock band based out of Poughkeepsie, NY. They have a popular YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers and have been recently signed by Fuelled By Ramen. They have been busy touring to celebrate the incoming release of their debut album In Our Bones as well as visit their fans across the world. They are not only known for their singles but also from their regular collabs with other big YouTube artists/friends, such as Alex Goot and Kurt Hugo Schneider.

Counting Stars” – OneRepublic
(Alex Goot, Kurt Schneider, and Chrissy Costanza Cover)

Chrissy Costanza is no doubt the adorable face of ATC but it wouldn’t be a band if it weren’t for the talented  Will Ferri  and Dan Gow (links to their  instagrams). In the pop-rock spectrum, they are more pop than rock and quite reminiscent to the sound of ‘Avril Lavigne‘ (according to my sister who heavily influenced my taste in music a lot). I’m fairly abysmal at describing music so here’s a taster for you…

Gravity” – Against The Current

The concert was held at Koko (formerly Camden Palace before its 2004 restoration), in the ever so popular concert hub, Camden Town, across the road from Mornington Crescent underground station to be exact. It was very quirky as it was fun combination of a former classy theatre and an indie concert stage.

Camera skills are on point

The venue was every well ventilated and the staff would rarely passed out the obligatory cups of water – all with good reason. The concert had all the good components except the that fact that the crowd had no energy.

Even the one and only energic supporting act ROAM couldn’t sway the dull crowd.

[Tribute to ROAM]

I actively go to rock concerts for thrill of the fight which I acquired a taste from my ONE OK ROCK and Sleeping With Sirens experience. My brother and I expected a night filled with amazing music and a raging battle. I guess we were quite disappointed. Yes, we had very good spots close to the stage but only a handful of people were really “rocking out”.

Regardless, we jumped and sang for the sake of at least twenty people of the rigid crowd. Some may argue that the music wasn’t hardcore enough, however, it is entirely up to the audience on how to react and set the atmosphere. Yet again, it was a Monday so I guess others were not in the mood.

[No Jumping = Better Pictures]

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Lebanese dinner – a prefect way to end the day. We first encountered this paradise after our voyage from ONE OK ROCK concert in Kentish Town, for a restaurant that would still be open at mid-night (genius idea)Mezza & Grill Express was oasis in the desert and I full-heartedly recommend it.

Mezza & Grill Express

Overall, although it wasn’t as crazy and chaotic as we wanted it to be, otherwise it was nice night out.