Sleeping With Sirens (06/03/2016)

Hiya Guys!

Camden Town – the concert hub of London with plenty of quirky venues. This concert in particular was held in the Roundhouse becoming my third Camden venue that I have been to. The prior two being Electric Ballroom and O2 Kentish Town for ONE OK ROCK.

In all honesty, I went to this concert to watch one supporting acts: This Wild Life. Before any Sleeping With Sirens fans kill me, I do like their music especially “If You Can’t Hang” and “Better Off Dead”, but This Wild Life has a special place in my heart with their beautiful acoustic style that soothes my soul. Check out their YouTube Channel with their latest “Clouded” (Full Album Stream), below is their most popular cover of “Sleepwalking” by Bring Me The Horizon.

This Wild Life was sandwiched in-between to supporting acts: the relaxing Beach Weather and more intense As It Is. Beach Weather and This Wild Life done a brilliant job at calming the crowd whilst As It Is warmed up the crowd, they were the calm before the storm: Sleeping With Siren.

This Wild Life soothes my soul…

Being a massive fan of the crazy chaos of an intense rock crowd; the energy and atmosphere did not fail live up to my expectations. In the midst of a rock concert is the closest thing you get to an unarmed battlefield. The weakest are pushed aside and the strong strive on forward.

Beach Weather from my orginal position in the crowd

This was the first concert with my evil brother, instead I was accompanied by my more fragile friend. We started off in the middle of audience until madness erupted during As It Is as a mosh pit behind me resulted to me and my companion to be separated. The mayhem only intensified as Sleeping With Sirens stepped on the stage and the mosh pit proceeded to propel me closer to the elusive barriers in front of the stage.

Roundhouse is by far one of my favorably venues spacious and structurally reminiscent of the Globe Theatre. Even when the sea of sweaty bodies ebb and flows fiercely, everybody can have a breathe of a freedom due to the well air-circulated venue. The staff were very welcoming and passed out plenty of waves of refreshing water to the desperate crowd.


The bands, venue, staff and sheer energy made it a very pleasantly hectic day…