Soul Eater

I was busying reading a manga I should have finished years ago: Soul Eater.

Was it worth my entire weekend and Monday morning to complete reading it? Yes, it certainly was. As a matter of fact, Soul Eater was one of the my first and most beloved anime series I encountered at the tender age of thirteen. After being partially emotionally scarred from watching Myself;Yourself and Elfen Lied beforehand as well as being forced to watch Battle Royale, two years previously, by none other than my evil brother. I needed some mind-blowing action with a lot of gothic undertones to blast away my preconception that death and darkness results to hopelessness.

It’s hopeless…

Soul Eater comes to the rescue armed with the power of friendship and a dose of madness. After fangirling obsessively over the anime with it’s amazing fight scenes that is constantly referenced in older fight AMVs and its array of quirky and eccentric characters. This resulted to my mild case of ‘Chuunibyou’, also known as adolescent delusions of grandeur/8th  Grader Syndrome, I would prefer not to delve into an embarrassing chapter in my life.

Swiftly moving on, after completing the anime, I craved for more dark madness so I proceeded to reading the manga a few months after. Several chapters later, I was nearing the latest chapter and decided to wait until the manga finish. The manga’s originally ran from Jun 24, 2003 to Aug 12, 2013.

Time to get ready for Battle – Death the Kid is currently busy…

Today, marks the day I have completed this manga which I originally started five years ago. I’m mainly posting this to gain a sense of closure for an anime/manga that has a very special place in my heart. I encountered a similar situation whilst watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which I will cover another day.

This serve as a tribute for things/hobbies and people alike that had been a constant in one’s life. Each bring a sprinkle of love, entertainment and comfort to our daily lives, as many people may say:

“All good things must come to an end.”

Some friendships fade over time. Some loved ones may pass away. Some relationships shatter. Some pivotal piece of your childhood ends. Despite all this, we continue living as for each thing we lose, we grow stronger and appreciate those around us…

I promise a proper review of this and Soul Eater Not! eventually…

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