Heart Fluttering February/March Romance Recap

Heart Fluttering February influenced by the transition of the seasons and compelled by the spirit of love.

Heart Fluttering February and March has finally come to an end, please feel free to criticise my procrastinating ways. It was a good excuse to bring out the inner poet within me influenced by the transition of the seasons and compelled by the spirit of love.

It was a fun journey while it lasted, constantly reminding me of my single pringle status. (Not as though that’s such a bad thing.)

Fortunately, as I am currently on holiday evidently implied by my uncharacteristic regular posting activity.

Let’s collectively reminiscently look back on the HFF series:

Winter – Season of Glistening Snow and Warming Embraces
Kimi Ni Todoke                                     Say ‘I Love You’

Spring – Season of Budding Flowers and Refreshing Starts
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanajo                 Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun


Summer – Season of Welcomed Sunshine and Bright Smiles
Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!                              Ore Monogatatri!!


Autumn/Fall  Season of Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Leaves
Toradora!                                            Kamisama Kiss


As you can see I have been obsessed at using minimalist artworks and gifs, I would like to thank countless number of tumblr users and anime gif generators. A special thanks to greenmapple17 and akihdna for their minimalist anime illustrations.

Now, I must proceed to fix up bits and pieces around this blog. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Until Next Time,
Salve S.

~April Fools!~
I’m going to watch Youtube all-day…but in all seriousness I’m working on future posts/graphics…

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