HFF-Autumn Honourable Mention: Kamisama Kiss

Hiya Guys!

Autumn – the season when leaves, flowers and fruits alike return back to nature, decomposing to become one with the soil they originated from, continuously fueling the cycle of blossoming and withering. No wonder many poets are compelled to write a piece on Autumn and it’s livelier counterpart – Spring.

Not only it is the season of harvest and jumping into heaps of dead leaves but is also associated with Pagan rituals and Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve). This calls for an romance anime with a touch of supernatural fantasy – Kamisama Hajimemashita or more commonly known as Kamisama Kiss. 

Inu x Boku SS, Fruits Basket and Inuyasha fans proceed to riot. Worry not! I will come round to covering them eventually (in a couple of years).

Fans of other supernatural romances initial outrage (Please don’t kill me).

Kamisama Kiss is about a homeless girl named Nanami Momozono who resorts to becoming a god in exchange for living at a local shrine, after her father abandoned her with gambling debts. She lives with Tomoe, a familiar to the previous land god and your typical fox yōkai tsundere (got show male tsunderes some love too). This is just the prefect recipe for a human-yōkai romance, no? Don’t worry most of the cast are quirky yōkai characters.

[Tomoe Fangirl Reactions]


Being a shoujo romance, cue the mandatory overly cutesy opening Kamisama Hajimemashita by Hanae, with the one of softest voice I’ve ever heard, this could possibly silence all the crying babies of Japan. The ending takes a more desperate turn given its title – Kamisama Onegi  (Please,God) which is yet again sang by, thevoicetooverloadyouwithamonth’sdoseofsugar, Hanae. Obligatory cute openings and endings of shoujo animes will no doubt become a running gag.

[Yōkai Galore]

I recommend it for Inu x Boku SS, Fruits Basket and Inuyasha fans alike, or anyone who is just a sucker for romance in general or just remotely curious as the general consensus seem to enjoy it (sources MyAnimeList).

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