HFF-Summer Honourable Mention: Ore Monogatari!!

Hiya Guys!

Summer tend to bring an array positive connotations, similar to a picturesque depiction of a perfect relationship with no drama. If that appeals to you, Ore Monogatari!!, could be just what you are looking for.

In contrast to countless number of romance anime that utilise drama to evoke deep connections with it’s characters, Ore Monogatari!! has virtually no drama, only sprinkled with rather trivial matters. In it’s place the series overloads us with adorable rainbows and sweets.With a gorilla of a main character (a loveable one at that), a super innocent girlfriend and the designated third wheeling best-friend, hilarity ensues.

Takeo Gouda is the BFGG (Big Friendly Giant Gorilla), every boys’ hero and every girls’ nightmare. The complete opposite of Makoto Sunakawa, his handsome best friend, who constantly accompanies Takeo, even on some Takeo’s dates with the angelic Rinko Yamato. 

The anime is vibrantly animated further empathising the light-hearted nature of the series. This is accompanied with the obligatory cutesy opening and ending, a continuous trend for most romance anime.

I encourage everyone to watch a few episodes so you get a gist for the show, having such an unorthodox male lead results to an odd charming gem in a treasure cove of romance anime.

3 thoughts on “HFF-Summer Honourable Mention: Ore Monogatari!!

    1. Thanks for commenting ^w^ It was downright hilarious and it was surprisingly highly recommended by my rather evil older brother.

      I knew I had to check it out for sure. #NoRegrets

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